Professional Training Capabilities


Close Quarter Battle (CQB) Simunition Firearm Training

For Law Enforcement Only

CQB sims training is designed to expose the LEO to a variety of scenarios they may face during their normal day to day duties. The use of simunitions allows for an unlimited number of scenarios which mirror real-world encounters to a degree not possible with other training platforms.  These scenarios take place in realistic settings and reinforce the LEOs basic training while adding to their skillset. Scenario examples include traffic stop, domestic disturbance, and hostage situation. Training focuses on teamwork, control of the encounter, verbal commands, solid tactics, and problem solving all while facing a simulated threat of deadly force.  This is the same training used by top-tier operators to sharpen their skills and build confidence in their ability to conquer the stress of deadly encounters. 

The four hour course includes a safety brief, live-action sim scenarios utilizing role players, and an after action HOTWASH designed to discuss the lessons learned during the training evolution. 

Training Cost:                                           $50.00 per person

Prerequisites: Individuals must be sworn LEOs  (currently employed with a local, state, or  Federal agency or department) or Pennsylvania Act 120 certified.    

Training is held at the Valentis offices located at 1326 Streets Run Road Pittsburgh PA 15236. Parking is available at the building or across the street. 

Training cost includes personal protective equipment (PPE), use of our sim weapons, and sim man marker rounds (MMR). Each LEO must provide their own duty belt. We conduct all training indoors, out of any weather elements. 



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