Special Response Team (SRT)

  • SRT is select group of individuals within our organization who meet certain benchmarks in physical agility, firearms proficiency, and are required to adhere to superior training standards. The team is comprised of personnel who are capable of working in complex environments. 
  • SRT personnel are professionally trained in personal protective operations, small unit tactics, counterassault, live fire firearms team drills, hand to hand defensive tactics, close quarter battle, and first responder medical care. 
  • SRT is trained and certified in multiple weapon systems, including less lethal
  • SRT includes technical resources such as K-9 Explosive Detection and counterterrorism units
  • SRT operators are former Federal law enforcement, military, and security personnel who meet the qualifying standards to be part of the team

 SRT offers a solution to:

  • High risk/volatile engagements
  • Close Personal and Executive (VIP) Protection
  • Special public gathering events
  • Maritime vessel/facility force protection
  • Sensitive and specialized requests 
  • Support its partners and stakeholders with a trained team of personnel when shortfalls and gaps exist in security posture


The Valentis Security Difference:

  • Risk Management
  • Professional, Quality Driven, Service
  • Solutions that deter, detect, defend, and respond to criminal and terrorist activity
  • Professionally trained personnel who are capable of engaging security challenges