Special events are a mass gathering of people and introduce certain security risks. The risks need to be evaluated and mitigated. Mass gatherings can provide platforms for criminals and terrorists to carry out attacks. Valentis offers a comprehensive solution that is designed to deter, defend against, and respond to these types of activitiesWe have assembled a professional team that combines experience and expertise to provide clients a true measure of security that sees no obstacles in length of time or risk. 


Valentis Special Event Capabilities:

  • Fully operational mobile command unit designed to control, command, and coordinate assets
  • Technical units include K9 Explosive Detection, counter-UAS, and waterborne security
  • Access Control
  • Real time incident report tracking 
  • Security & safety Planning that includes threat and risk assessments, analysis, counterattack, and counterterrorism strategies
  • Complete integration of the Incident Command System (ICS) and National Incident Management System (NIMS) that focuses on emphasis to develop successful partnerships utilizing local, state, and Federal public safety stakeholders
  • Uniformed and Plainclothes Personnel

Venues that host special events become soft targets. Our objective to harden the target to protect the public, the client, and workers at the event.  










    The Valentis Security Difference:

    • Risk Management
    • Professional, Quality Driven, Service
    • Solutions that deter, detect, defend, and respond to criminal and terrorist activity
    • Professionally trained personnel who are capable of engaging security challenges