Protecting Client Interests and Assets

We deliver a wide range of solutions for all industries. The ongoing goal of Valentis Security is to minimize our clients’ risk and timeline with our experience and comprehensive methodology. We achieve to provide a true measure of security and not an illusion of one. Our professionally trained personnel are backed by a balanced risk management program that deliver results. The results are maximized through our professional development program that believes superior training yields superior results. It is hard to imagine a security company that places emphasis and invests considerably in training when it is not mandated to do it, but this training and our program is not a marketing gimmick.  


Valentis Methodology

  • There is a time and place for observe and report, but when there is physical harm evident or an intent to damage or destroy assets, then we will take action
  • Valentis personnel are hired to detect, deter, respond to, and defend against criminal and terrorist activities
  • Risk mitigation is the solution to balancing what many perceive as “high risk” or “volatile”
  • Professional appearance is equally important as training
  • We do not try to impress you with claims that we only hire former law enforcement and military personnel. Individuals who are hired and work for Valentis have diverse backgrounds, but most importantly will meet all of the requirements and standards that we have 
  • It is not always about large numbers of bodies in uniforms. It is about delivering quality. We are not interested in spending our client’s money on unnecessary personnel. 
  • Establishing a partnership with public sector stakeholders is vital to the success of our program
  • Response time is critical. It may mean saving a life. First Responders are not always sitting and waiting for the call
  • We take pride in measuring our personnel on how they respond to incidents
  • Comprehensive Incident Report Management that supports our field activity 
  • Valentis armed personnel are required to meet among the highest training standards and qualifications across the law enforcement and security industries.  We leave our clients, competitors, and interested individuals with this quote from Nelson Mandela when it comes to our professional firearms training and the  other standards that we have, “It Always Seems Impossible Until Its Done.”





    The Valentis Security Difference:

    • Risk Management
    • Professional, Quality Driven, Service
    • Solutions that deter, detect, defend, and respond to criminal and terrorist activity
    • Professionally trained personnel who are capable of engaging security challenges

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