We believe the solution is not always providing security personnel or technical resources, but consulting services that include planning and training to businesses and organization, profit or non-profit can be equally effective.  

We offer a wide range of consulting solutions: 



Valentis provides a planning solution that assists any business or organization to identify their risks through a risk assessment and develop a safety and security plan. The designed plans meet OSHA compliance requirements. 

       Plans include:

  • General Business or Organizational Safety Plan
  • Emergency Action Plan 

Embedded Security Manager (ESM)

Valentis provides embedded security managers to organizations that want to retain their personnel and utilize a security contractor to provide services. Our ESMs enhance your security program by incorporating all of our policies, administration, and training along with the daily management of your security operations. This concept is designed to save the organization substantial costs with hiring a full time security director and costs to train personnel. We provide a complete solution that is reduces your risk and protects your operational identity. 



Valentis offers a number of safety and security educational seminars to your staff, business, organization or community to help educate and showcase the importance of everyone collectively putting the safety and security of your business or organization first. Some of our educational seminars are provided at no cost. 



Valentis can offer safety and security training seminars to your staff, business, or organization including what to do and what everyone’s role is in an emergency situation.

The Valentis Security Difference:

  • Risk Management
  • Professional, Quality Driven, Service
  • Solutions that deter, detect, defend, and respond to criminal and terrorist activity
  • Professionally trained personnel who are capable of engaging security challenges