About Valentis Security

Valentis Security is a certified Woman Owned Service Business (WoSB) and licensed Private Security Agency. We are authorized to operate in various markets and locations across the United States.

Our priority is to protect client assets & interests with professional security personnel, training, consulting, and other resources by bolstering security operations.  

We deliver a quality driven service that focuses on mitigating our clients’ risk by committing our time and resources into providing a true measure of security and not an illusion of one. 

We are not better, but different

Risk Mitigation

The success of our program revolves around comprehensive risk management and mitigation. 


Valentis is dedicated to protecting our client interests and their assets. 

Building a Partnership

The success of the security plan requires a partnership with the public sector. Our mission is to build that successful partnership. 


Valentis is committed to delivering professional quality services. It uses various tools to provide that assurance.