Delivering Results.

Valentis Security delivers a quality driven service that focuses on mitigating our clients’ risk by committing our time and resources into providing a true measure of security and not an illusion of one.


Protective Services


Special Event Services


Risk Management Assessments & Consulting


Emergency Action Planning

Delivering Results.

We pride ourselves on how we respond to incidents and the level of results we deliver. We support this with professional training and comprehensive risk management. Valentis delivers its results with no obstacles in terms of length of time or risk. 

Experience Valentis and the resolve to deliver solutions that brings results. 

What does Valentis mean? 



Valentis builds strong relationships with clients and the public sector to focus on providing a true response. 


Professional security personnel, quality training, and experienced leadership create a powerful combination that make up the Valentis difference.


Valentis prides themselves on keeping client interests and interests secure.


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