Whether you are looking for a long term or short term safety plan, Valentis Security helps organizations and business identify their safety and security risks and develop a plan to minimize or eliminate those risks.

Services Include but not limited too:



Valentis can help any business or organization identify their risks through a risk assessment and develop a safety and security plan.

       Plans include:

  • General Business or Organizational Safety Plan
  • Emergency Action Plan


Public Safety Management

Valentis can manage some or all aspects of public safety for your business or organization. Whether you are looking to add security personnel to your operation, provide training to your existing staff or need consulting and auditing services.



Valentis can offer safety and security educational seminars to your staff, business, organization or community to help educate and showcase the importance of everyone collectively putting the safety and security of your business or organization first.



Valentis can offer safety and security training seminars to your staff, business, or organization including what to do and what everyone’s role is in an emergency situation.

The Valentis Security Difference:

  • Our extensive training program
  • Our collaborative efforts with local law enforcement
  • Our experienced leadership

Our whole approach to risk management. Our client’s safety and security needs are our top priority. We work with each client to identify their specific challenges and develop a customized security plan.