Armed Security Personnel offers:

  • An armed Security Personnel serves as a deterrent and enforces the rules and policies of the business or organization
  • Trained security personnel able to contain and control emergency situations from small issues to life-threatening situations until other first responders arrive
  • Security personnel that are trained and equipped with the resources and tools that they need to handle any minor or major safety and security situation
  • Offers both a professional appearance and approach to any situation
  • Experience security personnel


Both armed and unarmed Security personnel are responsible for:

  • Maintaining visibility on property via foot patrol and/or in a Valentis marked car
  • Responding, containing and controlling security and emergency situations
  • Inspect and secure your facility, property and assets
  • Check doors, locks, vehicles, gates, alarms, etc.
  • Identifying and manage unsafe conditions, emergencies, and potential threats to the safety and security of your assets, people or property.
  • Alert law enforcement and/ or emergency services if they are needed
  • Serve as an expert witness
  • Provide written reports and activity logs
  • Fill out incident reports when situations arise

The Valentis Security Difference:

  • Our extensive training program
  • Our collaborative efforts with local law enforcement
  • Our experienced leadership

Our whole approach to risk management. Our client’s safety and security needs are our top priority. We work with each client to identify their specific challenges and develop a customized security plan.