About Valentis Security

Valentis Security is a licensed Private Security Agency. With over 60 years of experience combined, we are authorized to operate in various markets and locations across the United States.

Our services include assisting clients with asset preservation and protection, providing armed or unarmed personnel, and developing Emergency Action Plans.

Our team is made up of well trained security officers, site supervisors, operational managers, trainers, and an experienced and supportive leadership team.

Separating Ourselves from the Competition


From the security personnel all the way up to the leadership team, Valentis offers unmatched experience in the security industry.


Valentis is dedicated to making their clients safety and security needs a top priority.

Collaborating with local law enforcement

Valentis works closely with the client, local law enforcement and agencies to help deliver an optimal safety and security plan.


Valentis provides additional reassurance to clients with an accountability system (silvertrac) that allows the client to monitor and track in real time Valentis security personnel.